Now planes will fly from Bhagalpur also, government asked for 475 acres of land for new civil airport


Sanjeev Jha, Bhagalpur. There is hope that the much awaited demand of starting air service in Bhagalpur district will be fulfilled. The airport will be constructed on a total of 475 acres of land. For this, the minister in Bihar Assembly has given government assurance. Also, Nishith Verma, Director (Operations) of Civil Aviation Directorate of Cabinet Secretariat Department of Bihar Government has directed the District Magistrate to identify 475 acres of land and provide the report. With the construction of the airport, air services will start and then the development of Bhagalpur and the surrounding districts will gain wings.

Action started from the district administration level

MLA Pawan Kumar Yadav had demanded construction of an airport in Bhagalpur district. The Minister had given official assurance for the construction of the airport on this, on which an unofficial resolution was issued on 31.03.2023. After these actions from the government level, Director of Civil Aviation Directorate Nishith Verma sent the necessary letter to the DM on 05.02.2024 and directed him to identify 475 acres of land and send the report. This information has also been given to the Deputy Secretary of Bihar Assembly. Along with this, the process of marking the land has been started from the district administration level.

Land can be marked in Goradih or Kahalgaon

Land can be identified for an airport in Goradih. Here about 450 acres of land of Gaushala is in Mohanpur and Amanat Sarkar Mauza. There is 333.06 acres of land in Mohanpur Mauza and 208 acres 15 decimal land in Amanat Sarkar Mauza. Many officials had visited this land in March 2022 with the aim of implementing various schemes, but it has not been decided yet whether this land is suitable for use or not. Apart from this, land was also taken for industrial area in Kahalgaon years ago, but nothing happened.

There will be many benefits from the start of air service

  • Bhagalpur district is known throughout the world for its silk industry. This industry will start getting a lot of support.

  • Due to lack of air service in the district, big doctors hesitate to come, but with the availability of the service, big hospitals will open here.

  • Especially the business class will benefit greatly, whose business is connected to various metropolitan cities or other states.

  • Presently the nearest airports are in Bagdogra, Deoghar and Patna. The problem of going here for common people will also go away.

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