Deoghar: FIR has been registered for theft of 180 bikes and 31 mobiles in the district during the last 7 months, police still empty handed.


Deoghar: During the last seven months, there has been a huge increase in the incidents of bike theft and mobile theft in various police station areas of Deoghar district. According to departmental information, more than 180 bikes have been stolen in Deoghar district from July 2023 to January 2024. In this case, on the complaint of bike owners, the police have registered an FIR for bike theft. On the other hand, more than 31 mobile phones have also been stolen during the same period. Most of these are women or girls who have lodged complaints in various police stations after their mobile was snatched or stolen. However, mobile phones are included in the FIR registered in case of mobile theft or loss. After registering the case, the police are talking about investigation along with research. But there are very few such instances when the bike owners and mobile holders have been called and the seized bikes or mobiles have been returned. Leaving aside a few cases, the police has not been able to find out from which area the miscreants are carrying out such incidents. Generally, after registering an FIR, the police say that the theft incident will be exposed soon. Since then there is no activeness from the police side. Last time, in the year 2022, the police of Nagar police station of the district had recovered seven stolen mobiles and some others and returned them to the owner. But since then such an opportunity has not been seen again.

Many such incidents which did not reach the police station

According to the information, the above figures have been recorded in the police records in various police stations of the district. There are many such cases which did not reach the police due to lack of documents. That's why they could not come into police records. It is noteworthy that from January 2023 to December 2023 alone, 167 bikes were stolen, while more than 27 mobiles were stolen.

The police of the neighboring state have returned under the Arunodaya Abhiyan.

On the other hand, the border Bihar Arunoday Abhiyan is run by the state police in cases of bike theft and mobile theft. Under this campaign, just 25 days ago, under the Arunodaya Abhiyan, the police of Samastipur district has recovered 122 mobiles and more than 31 stolen bikes and returned them to the owner.

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